Monday, December 21, 2015

Worthy God

Read Revelation 4:8–11, Revelation 15:2–4, Revelation 22:8–10, and Romans 14:5–11.

A friend of Louie Giglio, Bruce Leafblad, defined worship as “centering our mind’s attention and our heart’s affection on the Lord.” What battles has the Lord carried you through? How has worship lifted your spirits? How has God lavished His love on you?

Maybe you are in the middle of a really tough time right now. Do not forget to remember all that He has already done for you because it will give you hope. It will drown discouragement. Remembering who God is will change your perspective.

Let’s turn to the last book of the Bible and get a glimpse of worship in our Eternal Home.

Worship God! He is a good, good Father! Hallelujah and glory to the King of kings! Worthy is the Lamb! He is everything!

Listen to “Good Good Father” by Bethel. You can easily find this on YouTube. As you consider the meaning of these words, think about your Father and write out a worship prayer to Him! 

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